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Why is ANC active noise canceling headphones a trend?

Since the launch of TWS headset, TWS headset have been widely popularized as Bluetooth headset factory wholesale manufacturers have solved experience problems such as battery life, wearing, and delay. Bluetooth headset factory wholesale manufacturers have begun to focus on the active noise reduction TWS headset field in consideration of product differentiation. In the second half of 2021, ANC noise reduction should be a key word repeatedly mentioned by various Bluetooth headset factory wholesale manufacturers and even Bluetooth headset wholesalers.

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Active noise reduction technology can be divided into two mainstreams, feed-forward (FF/feed-forward) and double-feed (feed-forward + feed-back, also known as hybrid active noise canceling Hybrid ANC) according to the control structure. The principle is to detect the noise through the headset, and then send out sound waves of opposite phase and equal intensity, so as to achieve the effect of canceling the noise.

TWS headset want to be equipped with active noise canceling function, need the support of the chip. The TWS chip not only solves the problem of high latency of TWS earphones earlier in the industry, but also introduces a variety of TWS noise reduction solutions based on current user needs.

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