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The Bluetooth headset factory today tells everyone in detail why there is a delay in the Bluetooth headset, because of the use of wireless technology, need to go through a series of steps such as compression and packaging, transmission and decompression, and digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) between the two ends when transmitting signals, so delays will occur.

Specifically: the mobile phone transmits the digital signal   →   the Bluetooth headset receives it   →   after receiving it through the Bluetooth headset internal chip   →   decompresses and transcodes the digital signal   →   converts it into an analog signal that we can understand   →   the signal amplifier chip amplifies the successfully converted analog Signal   →   the sound we hear and understand

Just like when we move the bed, we dismantle it at house A, transport it, and assemble it at house B. Each link is a loss of time and consumption, so the delay of the Bluetooth headset is unavoidable and can only be reduced.

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What is the main reason for the degree of delay?

The key to determining whether the headset is low-latency is actually not the price of the headset. It is generally related to the Bluetooth version, Bluetooth chip, supported encoding protocol, and encoding format. Under normal circumstances, Bluetooth wireless transmission is at the speed of light, and there is basically no delay problem; the digital-to-analog conversion itself is also relatively fast, and it is also not the main reason for the delay; it mainly lies in the encoding and decoding process, and the sound data is compressed in the Bluetooth audio encoding protocol. Among them, complex algorithms consume the most time.

Is the lower the latency the better the Bluetooth headset?

no. In order to pursue the so-called ultra-low latency, some chinese bluetooth headset factory are the result of speeding up the transmission speed by reducing the amount of audio data transmission. And this approach will greatly damage the sound quality. (Many major acoustic brand manufacturers such as sennheiser, Bose, B&O, etc. are unwilling to develop low-latency Bluetooth headsets for this reason)

Why is there no delay in singing with a small microphone (with speakers)?

With a sound delay of 100ms, ordinary people cannot perceive the synchronization of sound and picture when watching a video.

In fact, the singing microphone also has a delay, but when the supporting speakers are put outside, the perception of people is not obvious for half a second, and naturally there is no delay. If you use your mobile phone to sing with a microphone, there is a perceived delay.

As long as it is a Bluetooth headset, there will be a delay, because the audio is transmitted to another device, which will be decoded and encoded, and then presented. The current technology of Chinese Bluetooth headset factory is impossible to have a Bluetooth headset without delay.

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