Best OEM factory reminder: beware of copycat Bluetooth headphones

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Bluetooth headset wholesale reminder: tws Bluetooth headsets are diverse, beware of copycat wireless Bluetooth headsets

With the popularity of tws bluetooth headsets, various bluetooth headset manufacturers and wholesales of bluetooth headsets have sprung up, engaged in the production and sales of tws bluetooth headsets, resulting in a wide variety of bluetooth headsets on the market, and the entire bluetooth headset market is even more mixed. Today, the best oem headphones factory reminded Dear friends, be wary of copycat wireless Bluetooth headsets.

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1. The premium of high-end Bluetooth headset brands is higher

As the saying goes: cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap. However, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, because too high-end Bluetooth headset brands have a high premium, most of which are produced in the Pearl River Delta, and the price/performance ratio is actually not high. And not every user is suitable for high-end Bluetooth headsets. It is undeniable that the factor of "buying high-end Bluetooth headsets is just to show off". Some people buy for effects, some for taste, and some for appearance. Purchase, after all, spending a lot of money to buy such an expensive earplug is a face-saving thing for some users.

2. There are many problems with low-priced Bluetooth headsets

I have bought low-priced Bluetooth headsets for dozens of RMB before. How bad is it? Let me tell you that when listening to songs, one card is stuck, and even when listening to listening, it is turned off for no reason, let alone the sound quality. Actually, it's almost the same as a street stall.

I deliberately checked it and found that many low-priced headphones are generally processed in some small factories. They have no R&D strength and are seriously lacking in acoustic experience. If you go to the factory to take a look, the production process is so crude that the eyes are pungent. In order to save costs, the materials used are all leftovers on the market, and they are inferior. Some even go directly to the second-hand market to wholesale a lot. The battery may also use the three-no copycat battery, which has a great safety hazard.

3. Listen to a loud Bluetooth headset

For a long time, the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets has been criticized. In the enthusiast circle, the phrase "Bluetooth headset listens to a ring" is often circulated. There are two main reasons: First, the audio data is lossy compressed when Bluetooth is transmitted. , The sound quality is lost; second, the digital-to-analog conversion and amplification are all done inside the Bluetooth headset. It is difficult to do both of these things at the same time in such a small volume. Some Bluetooth headsets do not use high-end chips in order to reduce the cost. , The sound quality can naturally be heard.

4. A bluetooth headset that looks good

When choosing Bluetooth headsets, women may be biased towards beauty. Bluetooth headsets with higher beauty will attract our attention first, but do Bluetooth headsets with high beauty match its sound quality? The answer is self-evident, in the same In the case of cost, when the budget is spent on styling design, the natural budget for the sound quality part is less, so when choosing a Bluetooth headset, you still have to look at its performance index. Bluetooth headsets that are not suitable for use can only be bought home. Be a decoration!

best oem headphones factory reminds that no matter what brand of Bluetooth headset you choose, quality, sound quality, and after-sales are details that must be considered. You must not blindly look at the price. Of course, it is not recommended to buy if the price is too high, so as not to affect the shopping experience.

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