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Bluetooth headset manufacturer teaches you how to use Bluetooth headset in one minute (super simple)

As a product of the high-tech era, Bluetooth headset have applied Bluetooth technology to hands-free headset devices. In this way, it helps everyone to solve the problem of wire entanglement, and makes consumers and ordinary people more relaxed. The way to make calls anytime, anywhere. Especially for friends who drive, Bluetooth headset are definitely a good tool to improve their driving safety. So how to use a Bluetooth headset? This problem has become the focus of everyone's attention. Let's listen to a brief analysis and introduction of Bluetooth headset manufacturer.

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How to use the new Bluetooth headset?

1. First of all, Bluetooth headset manufacturer believe that you must ensure that the Bluetooth headset in your hand is turned off and that it is not connected to other mobile phones. After that, you can turn on the Bluetooth headset and press and hold the power button until it starts flashing quickly. However, this is limited to Bluetooth headsets that do not have a pairing method for pairing with other devices.

2. Then, if the Bluetooth headset in your hand is paired with other mobile phones, you need to press and hold the multi-function button for five seconds when the Bluetooth headset is off, and wait for its indicator light to continue to flash. At this point, you can enter the "Settings" in the phone and select "Bluetooth" to search.

3. Finally, the manufacturer of the Bluetooth headset thinks that you can turn on the Bluetooth function in the "Bluetooth" interface, and then it will also prompt the words "Turning on the Bluetooth function". After some time, the phone will be able to search for Bluetooth devices. You only need to find your own Bluetooth device and you will be able to connect smoothly.

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