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Bluetooth headset manufacturers feel that Apple AirPods is an Apple wireless headset. Although the new AirPods headset is stylish and easy to use, it is still not enough for Apple to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack. So, how do Apple’s Bluetooth headsets work? Let me introduce it to you.

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Bluetooth headset manufacturer teach you how to use Apple Bluetooth headsets

1. When the AirPods headset is placed in the charging box and the lid is opened, close to any iPhone with Bluetooth on, a pairing reminder will appear on the iPhone screen, click the reminder to complete the pairing

It should be noted that the pairing process requires the lid of the charging box to be open. Once the lid is closed, it cannot be paired with the iPhone.

2. When the iPhone is locked, the AirPods pairing reminder can also be received. In fact, pairing can be done quickly under the lock screen, with just one more step-unlocking to connect via iCloud. After unlocking the screen in this step, the other pairing steps are the same as in the unlocked screen state. Moreover, the screen is still locked after the pairing is successful, and the screen lock is not unlocked because of this.

3. Pairing relies on Bluetooth and iCloud

Bluetooth is of course indispensable for wireless headset pairing. In addition to ensuring that Bluetooth is turned on, you must log in to your iCloud account on your iPhone in advance.

Because of this, connecting devices with iCloud, AirPods can eliminate the process of pairing multiple Apple devices with the same iCloud account. Just pair with the iPhone, and other devices such as MacBook, Apple Watch, iMac and other devices that use the same iCloud account as the iPhone will have AirPods. To listen to the song on which device, just connect the AirPods of that device.

4. If you want to connect the AirPods to a non-Apple product device, you need to place the headset in the box first, and then press the small dot on the back of the box for a few seconds until you see the white indicator on the box flashing, indicating that you are looking for Bluetooth Device, AirPods can be seen on the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone at this time.

Bluetooth headset manufacturer believe that AirPods support some "automatic ear detection" in non-Apple devices. How can I say it? When wearing AirPods, AirPods and non-Apple devices can be automatically connected, which is the same as on Apple devices. But the difference is that AirPods cannot automatically open music playback on non-Apple devices, nor can it double-click to pause playback, nor can it recognize pause playback when a headset is removed. Only when both headphones are removed, AirPods can automatically recognize and switch to PC audio output.

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