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The bluetooth headset wholesale factory believes that the bluetooth headset has now become an indispensable digital product in many people’s lives, but for the vast majority of people, how to buy a bluetooth headset is a big headache. Today, the bluetooth headset wholesale factory Let's talk about the purchasing skills of Bluetooth headsets in detail.

1: First determine the price! Low-priced headphones can't be touched!

The bluetooth headset wholesale factory found that the price of bluetooth headsets on the Chinese market ranges from 9.9 to thousands or even tens of thousands. For ordinary users in India and abroad, it is not recommended to choose too cheap Bluetooth headsets. Some basic quality of these headsets cannot be guaranteed. Once the hearing loss is caused, it is irreversible. As for the thousands of branded headsets, they are too profitable and the cost is not high, but they rely on the brand effect to harvest the IQ tax, and it is not recommended to buy them. It is also sufficient to buy mid-end products.

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2: The sound quality is determined by the quality of the sound source, audio coding loss, and the quality of the headset playback unit

Sound quality is an important assessment factor for us to buy Bluetooth headsets, and the sound quality is actually determined by the quality of the sound source + audio coding loss + the quality of the headset playback unit, and different encoding methods will not only affect the transmitted sound quality, but also It has an impact on the sound delay, and a good coding method is the basis of good sound quality. The mainstream encoding methods now include SBC, APTX, AAC, LDAC, etc.

3: Whether the Bluetooth connection is stable depends on the chip!

The bluetooth headset wholesale factory believes that in addition to the sound quality of the bluetooth headset, the stability of the Bluetooth connection should also be looked at. After all, no one wants to go one step at a time. This mainly depends on the Bluetooth chip and the technical strength of the suppliers. The chip mainly chooses Qualcomm and audio performance. , Stability, and power consumption are outstanding in the industry. Next is the Bluetooth version, preferably 5.0. The higher the version, the more stable the connection and the lower the power consumption.

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