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What are the factors that affect the bluetooth headset wholesale suppliers price in delhi?

When choosing a bluetooth headset wholesale suppliers in delhi, many friends pay more attention to the price. They often consult around and get lost. The same is the tws bluetooth headset. The parameters and functions are almost the same, but the wholesale price is far from the sky. No, it can be as high as hundreds or thousands, as low as tens of yuan. The bluetooth headset wholesalers know many quotations, but don't know how to choose a bluetooth headset wholesale suppliers in delhi. So today I will talk to you about the factors that affect the wholesale price of Bluetooth headsets?

bluetooth headset wholesale suppliers in delhi

First of all, the choice of Bluetooth headset depends on whether it is a manufacturer's private model product. The price of private model and public model is definitely different. The former has R&D and the latter is just assembly. Relatively speaking, the private model is definitely more expensive than the public model, but the benefits are self-evident.

Secondly, the materials used by Chinese Bluetooth headset manufacturers are different, and the wholesale price of their Bluetooth headsets will be very different. For example, there are copper speakers for a few yuan in the market, and there are also ordinary speakers for a few cents. Just a pair of speakers can be close. The price difference of ten yuan, let alone the materials used for all Bluetooth headsets.

In addition, the product solution of Bluetooth headsets generally refers to the chips used in Bluetooth headsets. There are imported and domestically produced chips. There are also imports from the United States and Taiwan. This is also the main factor affecting the wholesale price of Bluetooth headsets.

In addition, there are some details that are not paid attention to, such as whether the shell of the Bluetooth headset is sprayed with oil, the thickness of the charging and material materials, the process of closing, etc., each additional process will increase the wholesale price of the Bluetooth headset. But its texture and quality must be guaranteed with an extra layer.

The above is that the process and the cost of the product itself directly affect the wholesale price of Bluetooth headsets. In addition, there will also be some marketing strategies that will affect the price. A little discount, but this marketing strategy is not the main factor that affects the price.

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