Bluetooth headphones Noise reduction principle.

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Recently, tenwin has launched an active noise reduction headset, which has triggered the upsurge of noise reduction headset. Compared with ordinary earphones, noise reduction earphones are so expensive. What are their advantages over traditional earphones? What are their principles? Today I want to talk about these problems.

Advantages of noise reduction earphones: noise reduction earphones, as its name suggests, can reduce environmental noise. What is environmental noise? For example, when you are in a crowded railway station and the people are noisy, what you hear is the environmental noise. And then compare the following heavy rain time and space on the open street, this time you hear the environmental noise.

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According to the principle, noise reduction earphones are mainly divided into two types: passive noise canceling earphones and active noise canceling earphones.

Passive noise reduction earphone, is through the earphone sound insulation material or special structure, try to isolate noise. Mainly in ear earplugs and full ear earphones. But because of the tight design, long-term wear will make the ear swelling and pain, too much sound pressure will even affect the hearing.

Active noise reduction earphone is a special noise reduction circuit set in the earphone. Generally, through the audio receiver (such as micro microphone) and anti noise output chip, through receiving and analyzing the frequency of external noise and generating the opposite frequency, they weaken or cancel each other, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding noise.

Because there is no need to press the ear too tightly, it is more comfortable to wear, even if it is worn for a long time, there will be no discomfort.

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