Why do China Bluetooth headset manufacturer imitate Apple?

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Since China Bluetooth headset manufacturers began to cancel the headphone jack on mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets are now almost a must-have for our daily hands.

In particular, the TWS China Bluetooth headset manufacturer's true wireless Bluetooth headset, which is compact and easy to carry, soon replaced the traditional wired headset and almost became the standard for listening to music on mobile phones.

But if we put the time to the AirPods just came out four years ago, many people, including Tony, were full of disdain and controversy about this form of earphones at that time: it was not based on the original wired earphone EarPods. Just "cut" the cable, not only the sound quality deteriorates, but it also looks very easy to lose. The key is that the price of 1288 is still very expensive.

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But AirPods are after all products printed with the Apple logo. Although many people said no, they were very honest. They turned around and placed an order on the official website, so that the first batch was sold out in less than two hours.

Facts have proved that Apple is still relatively reliable. For the time being, regardless of the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets, AirPods does not have too many slots in terms of wearing comfort or connection stability.

With the sales of AirPods alone, Apple won three-quarters of the market for true wireless Bluetooth headsets last year. The sales of nearly 60 million are nothing like other traditional China Bluetooth headset manufacturers.

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From the initial complaint to the later real fragrance, from the regret of buying it to the regret of not buying it early, AirPods only took a few months.

I don’t know if my friends have noticed that there are many true wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market. No matter how they look at the appearance or the connection animation, they seem to have a "fruity taste".

Let us look at the true wireless Bluetooth headsets produced by several manufacturers on the Internet.

The first is Xiaomi's true wireless Bluetooth headset Air2.

Let's not discuss the design of the headset here, just the way it is held by the two hands in the promotional image, which makes Tony admire the photographer's technique.

Because he had eyesight and quick hands when he took the product picture of the headset, he accurately captured the action almost the same as the AirPods below.

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Even if it is greedy people sell a lot of AirPods headsets, but the manufacturers do not necessarily get too many cakes if they follow behind Apple.

Moreover, China Bluetooth headset manufacturer have their own unique characteristics in their headset, but they ran to learn from Apple in appearance promotion, which not only concealed the original advantages of the headset, but also attracted netizens to complain about it.

Other manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, Xiaoniao, FIIL, etc., although their headphones do not look like Apple at all, this does not prevent them from selling well and having a good reputation.

The design of AirPods is not necessarily so good-looking, those headphones with their own design style can attract our attention even more.

When our own tws earphones have obvious advantages in noise reduction, delay or waterproof compared with other earphones, they can also win our favor.

There is no need to follow suit, really unnecessary.

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