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When the Bluetooth headset factory saw Apple release a new wireless Bluetooth headset, the counterattack began. Recently, Apple released a new wireless Bluetooth headset, but it is not the long-awaited airpods 3, but the son's Beats Studio Buds. However, many netizens shouted that this headset is a work of "conscience" after seeing the configuration. Noise reduction, fast charging, and water resistance can be said to have all the functions that a portable headset should have, but the price is only about half of the airpods Pro.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of this headset is its excellent compatibility with Android phones. It can be seen that Apple also hopes to regain the market share stolen by Android by virtue of its diversified product strategy. It should be said that Apple led the first half of the wireless headset, but the battle in the second half became chaotic. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and even OV have entered the market one after another, so Apple is no longer the only one, so sit back and relax. When the princes rise together, perhaps only continuous product innovation and a good user experience are the magic weapon for victory.

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