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In 2021, there are endless new Bluetooth headsets, which is simply dazzling. In 2021, there are too many brands of Bluetooth headset factory wholesale on the market. How should we choose among the dazzling array of Bluetooth headset brands? In fact, this is also very simple, as long as we look for the brand, and then choose our favorite Bluetooth headset from these brands. Which brand of Bluetooth headset is good? The bluetooth headset factory teaches you how to choose a good bluetooth headset:

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How to buy a Bluetooth headset? In order for you to choose a good Bluetooth headset that suits you, I will tell you some shopping methods that you should pay attention to when choosing a Bluetooth headset:

1. Call quality. We buy Bluetooth headsets because we want a good Bluetooth headset. The rod-shaped Bluetooth headset microphone is closer to the mouth, and the call quality is better.

2. Look at compatibility When choosing a Bluetooth headset, you must first check its compatibility with your mobile phone. The current mono Bluetooth headset has good compatibility, but there are still some problems in compatibility with the music-based Bluetooth headset. At present, Bluetooth The headset has two specifications, HFP and HSP. The former is a hands-free function, and the latter is a headset function. Before choosing, you must first understand which specifications your mobile phone supports, and then choose a suitable headset. At present, the HFP specification relies on its complete functions and supports many mobile phones, so it occupies a dominant position.

3. Look at the version of Bluetooth When you choose a Bluetooth headset, you will definitely see the label Bluetooth5.0 5.1, which indicates the version of Bluetooth. The current version 5.0 is the most common version, 5.1 is the future trend, and 5.1 Not long after its launch, it is estimated that it will take some time to develop. The Bluetooth version determines the signal quality and anti-interference ability. Everyone should choose according to their own needs and price when choosing.

4. Look at the transmission distance The transmission distance is also a very important reference index when choosing a Bluetooth headset. First of all, everyone should pay attention to that the transmission distance of the Bluetooth headset depends on the transmission technology, not the Bluetooth version. The current transmission distance of PowerClass2 is almost 10 Meters, while PowerClass1 can transmit 100 meters, and upgraded sound effects, with Hi-Fi stereo effect. But after all, due to your own limitations, you are advised not to put your mobile phone too far away from the headset when using it. It is about 2m to 3m. Can guarantee the best transmission effect.

5. Look at the chip The current Bluetooth headset chip market is mainly divided by two manufacturers, CRS and Broadcom, and the latter's chips account for 80% of the market, so it is recommended to choose the chip produced by Broadcom when choosing a Bluetooth headset.

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