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Do you wear headset to go through a noisy environment and miss the wonderful music? Do you pass by the construction site wearing headset and miss the wonderful footage? Do you hear annoying noises when playing games with headset, which affects the gaming experience? Don't worry, the ANC active noise canceling headset are here, and you can return to your quiet space with one button. Use black technology to solve environmental noise. ANC active noise canceling headset let you only listen to the sound you want to hear, and ANC active noise canceling headset help you eliminate all noise. Produced by bluetooth headset factory, real ANC active noise canceling headset, the noise canceling effect can reach 26db.

Today, Bluetooth headset factory recommend an upcoming ANC active noise canceling headset.   It only has an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of this Bluetooth headset from the two aspects of ANC active noise canceling and effect. If you need to know the details of the headset, please contact the factory of the Bluetooth headset.

ANC active noise canceling technology: refers to the technology that collects environmental noise and generates a signal that is inverse to the noise and replays it with headset and other devices to cancel the noise. The algorithm is based on the inverted signal with a phase difference of 180 degrees between the noise signal and the original signal. offset. The mainstream ANC noise canceling schemes are divided into: feedforward, feedback and hybrid active noise canceling.

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