What is the official term of OEM wireless headphones Market?

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OEM wireless headphones manufacturers interpret Market industry terms to help you quickly understand the wireless bluetooth headphones industry

Today, OEM wireless headphones manufacturers mainly interpret terms commonly used in the industry, in order to help friends who have just started the Bluetooth headphones industry to quickly understand the good industry of wireless Bluetooth headphones, help friends improve communication efficiency, and effectively solve communication obstacles.

Because of the popularity of wireless Bluetooth headphones, many friends who are engaged in peripheral products, or even those who have never been in the Bluetooth headphones industry, are increasingly paying attention to the wireless Bluetooth headphones industry. Manufacturers have also come into contact with many friends who are new to the industry to consult and communicate. It is found that some commonly used terms in the industry are not familiar to everyone, which leads to communication barriers. Therefore, OEM wireless headphones manufacturers feel that it is necessary to popularize some commonly used terms in the industry.

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OEM wireless headphones manufacturers interpret industry terminology tws

What is tws headphones? This has been interpreted a lot, but there are still many friends who don’t know that tws is the collective name for wireless Bluetooth headphones. TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth headphones are extremely hot audio products in recent years. It uses the Bluetooth chip to first establish a wireless connection between the mobile phone and the main earphone, and then establish the wireless communication between the main earphone and the auxiliary earphone, thus completely abandoning the wire connection between the traditional earphones, which greatly facilitates the user's use.

OEM wireless headphones manufacturers interpret the private model of industry terms

The so-called private mold is the mold of the OEM wireless headphones manufacturers's own products, that is, the mold of the Bluetooth headphones. It plays a role in shaping the appearance and shape of the Bluetooth headphones, and the private mold means that the mold is independent of the wireless Bluetooth headphones manufacturer. Other manufacturers will not own or use the appearance of this Bluetooth headphones, which is unique. Corresponding to it is the public model, which is a mold that all OEM wireless headphones manufacturers can use as long as they pay. With the protection of independent intellectual property rights, most OEM wireless headphones manufacturers will apply for appearance patents for their private models, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting their product rights. And more people engaged in foreign trade business are willing to choose private model products to avoid infringement problems.

OEM wireless headphones manufacturers interpret double-issue industry terminology

The so-called dual transmission refers to the previous statement that tws Bluetooth headphones need to be divided into main and auxiliary ears. Dual transmission is to solve the problem that Bluetooth headphones no longer divide the main and auxiliary ears through the chip, that is, directly send the signal to the left and right ears at the chip level. Therefore, there is no middleman. Earn the difference (power consumption), which means that not only can the signal be sent to both ears simultaneously, but also can be extended to three ears and four ears. In addition to the concept of the main and auxiliary ears, the power consumption on both sides is balanced. The left and right ears can be interrupted at any time without interfering with each other and switching seamlessly. In addition, the power consumption balance is not all higher, but all lower: the earphones no longer need to transmit and consume additional power, and through a deeply optimized algorithm, the battery life of both ears is increased by 20%.

At present, oem wireless headphones manufacturers summarize these three terms is the easiest to be asked what they mean. So today, wireless bluetooth headset manufacturers deliberately took out these three terms to answer, hoping to help friends who are new to the bluetooth headset industry.

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