Bluetooth headset factory production process.

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how does the Bluetooth headset factory produce Bluetooth headsets?

Today I will tell you about the general production process of the Bluetooth headset factory, and let everyone know how the Bluetooth headset factory produces the finished Bluetooth headset. Of course, the specific details are impossible to expand. It is too complicated. The main explanation is that the Bluetooth headset factory is producing Bluetooth headsets. Several important links before the finished product. First, it is convenient for everyone to learn more about the process flow of the Bluetooth headset factory, so that you are familiar with the entire Bluetooth headset industry, and it also helps you to judge the strength of the Bluetooth headset factory.


Bluetooth headset factory production process 1: Bluetooth headset ID

ID, as the name suggests, is the overall design of this Bluetooth headset. It mainly determines the appearance and color of the Bluetooth headset. Some of the chip solutions are also involved. However, most IDs mainly determine the appearance. For the Bluetooth headset factory, most It may not have the design ability. Generally speaking, the ID of the Bluetooth headset is provided by the brand manufacturer. Of course, there are also IDs designed by the Bluetooth headset factory that are selected by the brand after the brand, that is, the appearance is bought out.

Bluetooth headset factory production process 2: Bluetooth headset structure design

The structural design of the Bluetooth headset can generally determine the strength of the Bluetooth headset factory, how to realize the ID of the brand, and how the internal structure is reasonably arranged and recognized by the brand is a crucial link that determines the function and quality of the Bluetooth headset. After the structural engineer understands the brand's ID design concept, the possibility and completion of the communication structure will be realized. After the communication reaches a consensus, the structure diagram of the bluetooth headset will be produced. The general drawing cycle takes 7 days.

Bluetooth headset factory production process 3: cast mold

With the appearance design and internal structure design of the Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth headset factory has basically mastered the internal and external structure of the Bluetooth headset. At this time, 3D printing technology can be used to roughly print the Bluetooth headset model, and there is no objection to communicate with the brand. After that, the model will be finely printed, and the mold factory will cast the mold after no objection. It should be reminded that there are many fields involved in the production of Bluetooth headset factory products, so some links are sent out to be completed by a third party. At present, domestic Bluetooth headset factories basically do not have it. The whole process of producing Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth headset factory production process 4: the first version

After the mold is in place, it can actually be mass-produced, but in order to ensure the quality of the product, a small number of samples are usually produced, which is the first version in the industry. This link mainly starts from the details and finds whether there are deficiencies in the product details and makes timely adjustments. After all the communication and testing are completed, it can be mass-produced.

At this point, the production process of the Bluetooth headset factory is probably completed. Of course, the previous article also emphasized that it is only an important part of the production process of the Bluetooth headset factory. If you go into details, there are many more production processes in the Bluetooth headset factory, such as the formulation of chip solutions and software. There are many details such as the setting of the shell material, the selection and purchase of the shell material, the various tests in the production process of the Bluetooth headset, and the inspection of the finished product to the packaging and leaving the factory. We will look for opportunities to talk next time.

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