Bluetooth headset waterproof level explanation.

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Waterproof has always been ignored by consumers but valued by high-end brands. Bare precision electronic equipment has no resistance to water intrusion, and there are too many scenes in daily life where water may enter. Once the main parts of the water are directly burned, the maintenance is of little significance. As the use of more outdoor headphones, including sweat and other factors, the possibility of water is higher, so waterproof is the essential performance of headphones, which determines the service life of headphones.

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The mark of waterproof grade is "ipxx". The first "X" stands for dustproof and the second "X" stands for waterproof. The larger the number, the better. The highest dust-proof level is 6, which completely insulates dust from entering. At present, the highest waterproof level is 8. It's no problem to soak directly in water, so it can be worn when swimming.

IPx4: waterproof, can splash from any direction

IPX5: can resist continuous low-pressure water jet spray.

Ipx6: can resist high pressure, heavy water spray

Ipx6K: can resist very high pressure water jet. Rarely used

Ipx7: submergence 1 meter in water for 30 minutes

Ipx8: can be immersed in water within 1 meter

Note: data only say that common pure water, excluding corrosive such as: "sea water, sweat" often love sweat appropriate choice of waterproof grade better.

Sweat, rain and tap water are acidic. This kind of liquid is easy to corrode the hardware and materials of the earphone, which has a great impact on the service life of the earphone. Therefore, the waterproof performance of sports earphones is also an important assessment standard. If the earphones with grade 5 waterproof say that they are sports earphones, don't believe it too much. The higher the grade, the more insurance.

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